Our approach to office building management is very similar to the approach we use for retail/shopping center management. We are focused to attract quality tenants and push to achieve a high return. Generally speaking, office buildings tend to have higher turn-over rates, specially in today's tough economic downturn. Companies are downsizing their work force significantly and leasing smaller office space, or no space at all - working from home. Our goal is to bring quality tenants to your building; long term companies who have had a strong track record and will continuously remain in business.


We work with our wide-ranged network of broker connections all across Southern California to ensure a tenant of quality and stability occupies the office space. Overall, our lease negotiation skills, tenant improvement allowance standards, and marketing techniques (to attract new tenants) are designed and set out to bring long-term, quality tenants, and yield a high percentage in your return on investment.


Our general duties for managing office buildings are as follows:


     - Lease Preparation and Contracts

     - Tenant Improvement and Lease Term Negotiations

     - Hiring of Tenant Improvement Construction Workers

     - Marketing Available Spaces

     - Weekly Site Visits and Inspections

     - Repair and Maintenance Oriented Issues

     - Rent Collection and Due Diligence

     - Bookkeeping

     - Budgeting and Financial Management

     - Financial Reporting

     - Treasury Functions